Oh hey, I’m Roseann! I thought I would give you a little run down of who I am and why I am here!

First things first I am here to do some storytelling! I love it, am not so bad at it and the extra cash helps my not so small family get along in life!

I started capturing other peoples stories in 2010. I have always had a passion for photography and this passion turned into a real obsession after my second son returned home from intensive care when he was a newborn. After almost losing my son I knew I wanted to be with my family and so declared to my husband that I would make it this work! My business is my me time! I spend a few hours out and about and then the rest of the week with my children. I am definitely not your business only photographer. I mean if we click then we might become best friends… don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

Anyway, take a look around (its always a work in progress) and hope to hear from you soon!

Roseann Xo

Why did the photographer cross the road?

Why I only work Sundays right now.